What is Pink Leaders?

Pink Leaders is a women’s organization that helps to build up women that are leading in any capacity.

The idea was birthed from the Founder, Heather Lindsey’s journey when she first started in ministry. She started to get invited to speak places but she didn’t have a speakers form. She didn’t know or understand ministry taxes. She didn’t know how honorarium’s worked. She didn’t know or understand “church culture.” She began to start different businesses and became a entrepreneur and she had to learn the hard way. She felt very alone in the journey as a leader.  

Well, that’s where I jump in.

Heather Lindsey’s here. Can I keep it real? I just want to help other women that are leading in any capacity. Maybe you aren’t leading in preaching or as a business owner. Maybe you are a stay at home mom. Maybe you want to apply for law school but don’t know how to get there. Maybe you want to be partner at your company one day. Maybe you are a nurse but deep down – you know that God has called you to lead and some capacity. You know that you have purpose buried inside of you and you just want some help to pull it out.

I want to help you get there.

Pink Leaders is for:

1.     Women in college who know they are called to lead.

2.     Women who are currently leading in any capacity

3.     Women who are leading in corporate America.

4.     Women who love Jesus

5.     Women who want community, sisterhood and someone to understand what it means to lead.

1.     Women in ministry

2.     Women who are married to men in ministry

3.     Women who are entrepreneurs

4.     Women who are stay at home moms with a heart to start something while at home.

5.     Women who need support

 What’s Included?

- Four Semesters per year of leadership teaching from Heather Lindsey

-Meet ups in your local city with other women leaders

-Local meet ups with Heather Lindsey for lunch (Heather will announce these)

-Access to Leadership Retreats that Heather will host every year starting 2020

-Monthly Q & A

-Facebook Group for the Pink Leaders Only

-Exclusive Content

Valued at $2999

All for the monthly investment of $19.99 a month.


Welcome Dinner


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