Have you ever felt like you were the only one out of your friends that is living for Jesus? Have you ever just wanted a solid group of Christian friends that were on the same page as you? Have you ever wanted to get active in your local community but didn’t know where to start? I think we’ve all been there! Well, welcome to Pinky Promise! Pinky Promise is an organization that encourages women to honor God with their life and body. Whether single or married, we have women of all ages and ethnicities with one common goal – to live wholeheartedly for Jesus in every single way.



  • We are committed to Jesus Christ, and we believe He died for our sins, rose again and reconciled us back to God.
  • We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit that is given to us when we give our lives to Jesus Christ.
  • We refuse to give our bodies to anyone who hasn’t paid the price for us, which is marriage.
  • We set the standard to keep our hearts pure before God, and not test the sexual boundaries in our relationships.
  • We guard our heart by monitoring what we see and hear.
  • We believe in the covenant of marriage with one man and one woman.
  • We seek godly friendships and surround ourselves with believers and women after God’s own heart
  • We believe in building our local community by doing community service and praying for our city.

Pinky Promise Movement, Inc is passionate about helping women by providing monthly resources by way of studies and sermons as resources to encourage women to be who God called them to be. While at times, women can get attacked with feeling overwhelmed, insecure, inadequate and unprepared, we believe that you can push past the distractions and become a vessel that can be used by the Lord.

We invite you to join a local group, print out the studies, tune into the monthly studies and to meet us at our annual Pinky Promise Conference in Atlanta, GA every year. It’s a gathering place to refresh, renew and to recharge you so that you can do what God has called you to do. We are looking forward to doing life together with you.



Heather Lindsey founded Pinky Promise on January 27, 2012.  It was birthed from her struggle when she was single and frustrated, because she placed her value and worth all of the wrong things. After she got married, she came up with an idea to design a few bracelets that women could wear to remind them of their worth.  After she created the bracelets, she started the Pinky Promise Store.  Heather figured a few of her friends and family members would purchase the product, but she quickly went into back-order on day 1! After about 3 months of continuously selling out of every product; Heather realized it wasn’t enough to just give a woman a bracelet, tell her not to have sex outside of marriage or to cheat on her husband. She knew she couldn’t reach every woman physically; but if she created a network of women, they would be able to meet in groups on a regular basis, and be accountable for each other. To date, Pinky Promise has over 45,000 women in over 300+ groups.  The Pinky Promise network extends beyond the United States, and includes places such as Africa and Europe!